Advert Critic- Lynx Excite


In the Lynx Excite advert beautiful angels fall to earth in Italy, astounding the locals and giving their unimportant lives a short look of a saintly world beyond their own made physical, only for the angels to throw their halos blasphemously at the feet of a young also beautiful male who’s just sprayed himself with Lynx. The ad ends with a voiceover, “New Lynx Excite, even angels will fall“.

I liked it the very first time I watched it, and I never got bored of it. It takes the genuineness of thousands of years of religious belief and cultural symbol, and uses it as a joke about a men’s deodorant.
I’d have to give this advert 8 and a half out of ten.

What do you rate this advert out of 10 and why?

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LYNX excite: Angels last party on earth

Kelly Brook and other ‘angel’ beauties hosted the Lynx Heaven Party last night in London.


Why did Lynx use Kelly Brook aged 31, and pregnant?  What are your thoughts on Kelly Brook being used??

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Video: The making of the Lynx Excite TV advert

The Lynx Excite Fallen Angels TV ad according to Lynx is one the most technically complicated ads to date. It features plenty of stunts of angels falling from the sky, loads of CGI that took months to develop, and of course, plenty of beautiful women.

The background of the ad is that if you use Lynx Excite, angels will fall from the sky – you can imagine the practicalities of setting that up!

Below is the video of the making of the Lynx Excite TV advert:

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Lynx releases Kelly Brook in the shower Images: SEX SELLS!

Just before the closing party of the campaign Lynx released these photos of Kelly Brook in the shower, and I’d like to know your thoughts and opinions…

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Will Kelly fall for you?

Will Kelly fall for you?

The virtual game The players of the game had to use their dating skills to wake up the Archangel (Kelly Brook) and bring her down to Earth. The gamers will use the “legendary” Lynx Effect to tempt the Arch Angel. The players unlocked levels by completing tasks and they were motivated by the personal messages from Lynx Angels.

The ultimate prize, obtained by winning the game, is a party with the Lynx Excite Archangel (Kelly Brook) in person in London.

What are your thoughts on this idea by Lynx? Did you want to play the game to win a chance to meet Kelly Brook Arch Angel?

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The campaign is now coming to an END

Two days ago on Facebook a video of Kelly Brook on a bed for Lynx Excite Fallen Angel was released:

As the campaign is coming to a close all facebook fans are trying to be the one that Kelly Brook will chose as the ‘chosen one’.

Shots of Kelly Brook on a bed…taking of her clothes…shower…Did this excite you? and make you want to play the game? and win the chance of meeting Kelly Brook?

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Lynx turns to outdoor augmented reality

Lynx used augmented reality “angels” on digital outdoor sites in London and Birmingham, as part of a campaign for its brand Lynx Excite that stars Kelly Brook.

Consumers looking at the digital screens at London Victoria rail station and outside the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, were able to interact with digital angels imposed into live footage of the consumers, being shown on digital screens.

On each outdoor site, on the station concourse at Victoria and on New Street in Birmingham, a halo image was drawn on the pedestrian zone in front of the billboard, with a notice encouraging people to stand in it.

When consumers stood in the halo, they saw themselves appear on the digital outdoor screen in front of them, alongside a virtual angel, which they could interact with (as seen in the video above).The outdoor activity involved WPP media agency Mindshare and out-of-home agency Kinetic, with production agency Grand Visual and JCDecaux in Victoria, and Ocean Outdoor in Birmingham.

The activity accompanies the “Even angels will fall” campaign created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and the Tullo Marshall Warren-created game, which allows consumers to tempt Kelly Brook, the only angel left in heaven, down to earth.

The idea behind the campaign is that the attraction of the Excite spray is so strong, that the angels grab their halos and fling them to the ground and the first TV ad, made by BBH.

Were you there when this happened? Do you like this idea? Why?

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