Lynx turns to outdoor augmented reality

Lynx used augmented reality “angels” on digital outdoor sites in London and Birmingham, as part of a campaign for its brand Lynx Excite that stars Kelly Brook.

Consumers looking at the digital screens at London Victoria rail station and outside the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, were able to interact with digital angels imposed into live footage of the consumers, being shown on digital screens.

On each outdoor site, on the station concourse at Victoria and on New Street in Birmingham, a halo image was drawn on the pedestrian zone in front of the billboard, with a notice encouraging people to stand in it.

When consumers stood in the halo, they saw themselves appear on the digital outdoor screen in front of them, alongside a virtual angel, which they could interact with (as seen in the video above).The outdoor activity involved WPP media agency Mindshare and out-of-home agency Kinetic, with production agency Grand Visual and JCDecaux in Victoria, and Ocean Outdoor in Birmingham.

The activity accompanies the “Even angels will fall” campaign created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and the Tullo Marshall Warren-created game, which allows consumers to tempt Kelly Brook, the only angel left in heaven, down to earth.

The idea behind the campaign is that the attraction of the Excite spray is so strong, that the angels grab their halos and fling them to the ground and the first TV ad, made by BBH.

Were you there when this happened? Do you like this idea? Why?

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4 Responses to Lynx turns to outdoor augmented reality

  1. Philip Green says:

    Thought this was a great idea, and one that i haven’t seen before! Checking back weekly to see if anyone who went commented as I would like to know how big of a crowd it got.

  2. Larry Cleom says:

    At first this felt like another flash mob build up, but it’s anything but. Lynx have just rolled out an interesting experiential campaign featuring the Lynx Excite Angels, this time with an Augmented Reality twist that sees people interacting directly with the angels via a digital video billboard.

    As passers by walk onto the Lynx “Markers” the Excite Angels literally fall to earth in the digital billboard, and then interact with whom ever is standing on the marker. And while this is essentially a gimmicky play, it does generate the brand interaction and connection they are after quite well.

    This a great piece of on street interactive work that backs up the Tv and print campaign for Lynx.
    I really do love this stuff. Innovative. Interesting.

  3. Ines Alcobia says:

    This looks brilliant! I love how the men had no shame in having a few cheeky poses standing next to the angels. It was so real aswell that the angel just fell from the sky!

    One way this campaign could have failed was if Lynx had set up it’s own stall with a big tv and tryed to get people to come over to play the game. This was just that one step further in creativity and was able to get the attention of everyone by picking it’s own audience with the circle on the ground.

  4. Peter Grey says:

    Again, another clever and never been used before idea from LYNX! Got people talkng about the campaign and posting videos on youtube!

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