Will Kelly fall for you?

Will Kelly fall for you?

The virtual game The players of the game had to use their dating skills to wake up the Archangel (Kelly Brook) and bring her down to Earth. The gamers will use the “legendary” Lynx Effect to tempt the Arch Angel. The players unlocked levels by completing tasks and they were motivated by the personal messages from Lynx Angels.

The ultimate prize, obtained by winning the game, is a party with the Lynx Excite Archangel (Kelly Brook) in person in London.

What are your thoughts on this idea by Lynx? Did you want to play the game to win a chance to meet Kelly Brook Arch Angel?

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2 Responses to Will Kelly fall for you?

  1. Philip Green says:

    Definately her most promising role yet!

  2. Sara Vences says:

    I didn’t play this game but from reading your blog from the beginning I went and liked the LYNX Facebook group and I thought this was very interesting and created a lot of attention with the fans.

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