LYNX excite: Angels last party on earth

Kelly Brook and other ‘angel’ beauties hosted the Lynx Heaven Party last night in London.


Why did Lynx use Kelly Brook aged 31, and pregnant?  What are your thoughts on Kelly Brook being used??

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5 Responses to LYNX excite: Angels last party on earth

  1. Philip Green says:

    I think Kelly Brook being used as the face of this campaign was a good idea as she has been used in the Lynx adverts before. I do believe though that this will probably be her last advert for Lynx now as she’s pregnant and getting old.

    Lynx probably thought about this problem, as she is getting quite old so i think it was very clever idea to put her as ‘archangel.’

  2. Philip Green says:

    P.s. I like these images though shows why maybe she is still getting used!

  3. Larry Cleom says:

    Kelly Brook is getting too old now for all of these adverts and she’s still getting used she must have a good management, because they could have found someone much younger and not pregnant to be the face of Lynx Excite i mean maybe one of those models in the advert?!

    But she did well she created a HUGE buzz and thats what was wanted and needed! So well done Lynx and Kelly Brook!

  4. Peter Grey says:

    I think they chose Kelly Brook because she plays archangel and therefore should be older than the older angels. Also Unilver is a british company and Kelly Brook is an English Rose, shes also been used before for Lynx and the campaigns have done well. So i think they thought well about who they should use and got it right with Kelly Brook.

  5. Peter Grey says:

    Kelly Brook- English woman! Good choice as unilever is British!

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