Kelly Brook Fallen Angels Photo Shoot Video

Behind the scenes of Kelly Brook Fallen angels advert:

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Lynx Excite ‘fallen angel’ by Tullo Marshall Warren

Tullo Marshall Warren created the new social media campaign to help launch the new Lynx Excite brand.
The campaign, which is hosted on Facebook, takes the form of an interactive video starring Kelly Brook as an archangel who is stuck in heaven, only to be released when she finds ‘The One’ (the viewer). In the video a angels work to find ‘The One’, a legendary human who when combined with the scent of Lynx Excite will release Brook.

The video uses Facebook data to create a personal experience whereby Kelly Brook addresses the viewer by name and even falls to earth and appears outside their home.

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LYNX recruits Kelly Brook for Excite digital campaign

Lynx launched a digital activity by TMW featuring model Kelly Brook, as part of its “Even angels will fall” campaign for its Excite variant.

Kelly Brook: stars in latest Lynx digital campaign. Kelly Brook stars in a new digital game, ‘Fallen Angel’, which will challenge brand devotees to see if they have what it takes to tempt her Arch Angel character down from heaven.By competing in various tasks, consumers can unlock levels of the game and receive personal messages from the actress and model.Brook said: “It’s great to be working with Lynx again, especially on such an exciting campaign – I can’t wait to see who can tempt me from heaven.”The Lynx Excite range includes a body spray, deodorant, shower gel and eau de toilette, and is currently being backed by an £8.3m advertising and marketing campaign.  Kelly Brook has previously appeared in the “bom chicka wah wah” campaign for Lynx deodorant..

Was Kelly Brook the best choice for Lynx?

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Live artist Miss Led to produce exclusive Lynx Excite Fallen Angels T-shirts

As part of the new Lynx fallen Angels TV ad campaign, Lynx have been working with a number of artists around the UK with a passion for all things winged. Miss Led shown below is an artist based in London who’s producing a set of limited edition T-shirts and prints that you’ll soon be able to win! Details of that shortly!

Miss Led is also a super-cool chick. What made us like her even more was that she’s a hardcore live painter. Think a female Rolf Harris but without the beard, better hair and a thumping bass beat. In April she’ll be performing at an exclusive invite only Lynx Fallen Angels VIP event in central London.

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Lynx Fallen Angel skate-deck prototype made

This is the first prototype of a collection of four skateboard decks inspired by the Lynx Fallen angels TV ad that UK illustrator Andrew Groves has designed exclusively for Lynx.

Each illustration is an extension of Andrew’s unique style which is based on his interest in the natural world and inventing characters that explore “the grotesque beauty of it’s many beasts and creatures and the folklore that surrounds them.”

And it gets better. Each collection of decks are not just being printed – they’re being laser-etched over in the USA by a group of super high-tech laser-engravers and then shipped over the UK, where you could have the chance to get your hands on them! I’ll let you know more about that soon!

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Video of Urban Graffiti artist

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Following a graffiti artist around the UK for an angel-a-thon.

Lynx Excite posted up on their twitter page a link to their blog which shows them following a number of artists around the UK who were into a bit of angel-love like them.  Below are some images from there page:

Check out all the graffiti artits on the page below:

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